Tired of your old devices!

We’ve got you covered on swapping your old devices any time you are tired of  using them or needed an upgraded device that suits your wants.

Hurray! You can now swap your old internet devices (Mifis, CPEs, Radios, etc.) for a new one at WifiWorldNaija.This simply means, you don’t have to be dumping your old devices to get new ones. This is because it could amount to financial loss. No worries you have come to the right place.

Condition of How to Swap Devices at WifiWorldNaija

The following are the terms and condition to follow when swapping your devices with us;

  • Valid Proof of Ownership: This is a paramount terms at Wifiworldnaija. Any devices that lack means of verification from you as a owner disqualifies you.
  • Neatness and Good Condition: Definitely, you don’t expect your broken devices or a device in poor condition to be swapped for new ones. The more reasons you have to make sure your old devices are well taken cared for.
  • Customer’s Identification Card: Make sure when coming for a swap deal you come along with any Identity Card which displays your picture, full name, same as in your bank account details. This Identity Card could be Student Id Card, PVC, Driver’s License, National Indetfication Number (NIN) or International Passport.

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